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Who are Sweep?

Imagine being able to spend more of your time helping your company grow, instead of knee deep in endless finance admin? 


That’s where Sweep comes in. By using smart technology to automate the most time-consuming finance processes, Sweep helps you free up valuable time so that you can focus on the meaty stuff!   


Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it? 

Built for finance teams. 

Who are Sweep illustration
Billel Ridelle, CEO, Sweep

Billel Ridelle

Founder & CEO

Santiago Montiu, CTO, Sweep

Santiago Montiu


Benjamin Elliott, Marketing Executive, Sweep

Benjamin Elliott

Marketing Executive

César Vega, Developer, Sweep

César Vega


Ciaran Campbell, Customer Success Executive, Sweep

Ciaran Campbell

Customer Success Executive

Meet the Team

Team Sweep spans across London, Paris and Madrid! Whilst we all work remotely, regular collaboration, agile working and hangouts drive strong communication everyday!


We'd love to connect with you.

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