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What is Sweep Pay?

Sweep Pay is a cloud-based payment automation platform that automates the supplier payment step of your accounts payable process.

Who can use Sweep Pay?

If you have invoices to pay, Sweep Pay is for you. That includes SMEs, accounting firms, and even freelancers. With no minimum number of suppliers or clients necessary, Sweep Pay is made to grow with your business, from day 1.

How safe is Sweep Pay?

Sweep Pay uses bank-level security to protect your transactions, is Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved, and fully PDS2-compliant. Bank-level security means that your data is encrypted and protected using the same industry-leading technology that your bank uses.

FCA AISP: 846455

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is available to increase your profile security.

What are the fees to use the platform?

Sweep Pay costs a flat fee of £15 per month + 10p per transaction*

Are you an accounting firm? Get in touch today to know more about our partnership program.

*1 single payment = 1 transaction

1 bulk payment = 1 transaction

Do you offer any discounted plans?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on the annual plan when paid upfront.

Does it cost to add more users to my subscription?

Not at all. Your monthly subscription contains an unlimited number of seats on the platform, giving you great flexibility and allowing you to grow at the pace of your business. You can add as many users as your business needs at no extra cost.

Can users be assigned permissions?

Yes, admin/accountants/team members with the correct permissions will be able to access and create payment runs to send for approval, but only the person with access to the bank login credentials will be able to approve payments.

Can I try out the platform before committing?

Yes! We offer a 7-day free trial, no credit card required.

Which language is the platform available in?

Currently the platform is available in English.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime with no hidden fees.

Are there any hidden fees (maintenance, technical support…)?

None. Nada. Zilch. Everything is included in the monthly subscription price, including set up and onboarding costs. No extra or hidden fees. Ever.

How can I access the platform?

Sweep Pay is accessible 24/7 via the cloud, meaning you can process payments at lightning speed, anytime, anywhere.

Available on desktop. App coming soon.

Is there any coding involved in the setup?

No, there is no coding required. You can access Sweep's 24/7 cloud-based supplier payment platform from any device, so you have the flexibility you need, wherever you are.

Getting Started With The Platform

Which banks does Sweep integrate with?

Sweep Pay integrates with 98% of UK banks, allowing you to initiate payments in a few simple clicks.

See all bank integrations and limitations.

Does Sweep Pay integrate with non-UK bank accounts?

Sweep Pay doesn’t currently integrate with non-UK banks. Watch this space.

See all bank integrations and limitations.

Is it possible to use more than one bank account on the platform?

Yes, you can link as many UK bank accounts as you want.

Which currencies can Sweep process?

Sweep Pay is capable of reading all currencies. However, the payment can only be made from a UK bank account and the conversion rate will be taken care of by your bank itself.

How does Sweep connect to my bank account?

We do this by using open banking technology.

Open Banking enables your business to share its data securely with Sweep, allowing you to manage your accounts without having to go through your bank.

This is done by bridging the gap between your bank and Sweep in a safe and standardised way, which in turn allows us to deliver our financial services more efficiently.

How do I know Open Banking is safe?

Open Banking is built on the same thoroughly tested software and security systems that your bank uses.

This means that your data is encrypted and protected using the very same industry-leading technology. 

The only time you’ll be asked to give your login details is by your bank or building society themselves. Sweep will not store your login details.

Open banking is also Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated, meaning that you are well protected.

Connecting My Bank Account

Which accounting software can Sweep Pay integrate with?

Sweep Pay currently integrates with:

  • QuickBooks Desktop

  • QuickBooks Online

  • Sage 50 (UK)

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting

  • Xero


More integrations are coming soon!

How does Sweep work with Sage 50?

Software is installed in the system that creates a connection between Sage 50 and Sweep. Simple, quick, and free.

Which bills are pulled from my accounting software?

Sweep Pay pulls only the approved, unpaid supplier invoices from your accounting software.

Once imported, you then select the invoices that you want to pay and ignore the ones you don't. Once the invoice is paid, it will automatically appear as “paid” in your accounting software. 

You can also mark bills paid outside of Sweep as “paid” within the platform and this will remove them from the “invoices awaiting payment” section, however their status in your accounting software will remain unchanged.

So all pending payments to suppliers will appear and I just select which ones I want to pay?

Yes, and you can use the filters to only show invoices from a specific supplier, on a specific date, for a specific amount, etc.

How frequently does Sweep Pay sync with my accounting software?

Sweep Pay syncs every hour, and a manual syncing option is available to update any recently made changes.

Once an invoice has been paid, does Sweep send out remittance advice?

No, this will need to be done manually. However, you will receive an email confirming that the payment has been successful.

What happens if an invoice is disputed?

Sweep considers your accounting platform as the single source of truth.

This means that, as a security measure, you are not able to modify information relating to the supplier invoice via Sweep; dispute notes and information changes would need to be made via your accounting software directly.

Any comments made on the invoice in your accounting software will be visible in Sweep.

What if I make a mistake or need to update an invoice?

No sweat. You can do so by simply making the relevant changes in your accounting software, then head back to Sweep, click the sync button, and this will update the invoice on the platform.

Do I have to manually mark that an invoice has been paid in my accounting software, i.e tick ok?

Not at all, this information will be populated automatically after each invoice has been paid. Sweep automatically reconciles your invoices in your accounting system.

Would drafts appear in Sweep?

No, the only information Sweep pulls from your accounting software is approved, unpaid bills. This means that if the invoice has not been approved, it won't appear in Sweep.

Integrating My Accounting Software

Is it possible for someone else to set up a payment?

Users can prepare payments and send them for approval.

How does Sweep calculate the FX rate on international payments?

The FX rate is set by your bank and Sweep does not charge any extra fees for payments made in currencies that are not GBP.

Is it possible to make bulk payments to non-UK banks?

Unfortunately, UK banks have not yet allowed bulk payments to non-UK banks - something we expect to change in the near future.

What about domestic (UK) bulk payment limits?

The number of payments that can be made per transaction depends on your bank; each bank works with different limits. Bank payment limits.

Can I schedule my payments?

Yes, you can schedule both domestic (UK) and international (non-UK) payments indefinitely into the future.

This means that you can schedule each invoice payment for its correct due date, or before, saying a firm goodbye to late fees!

Which reference will the bank pick up?

For single payments, the original invoice number will be used as it appears in your accounting system.

For bulk payments, this will depend on your bank, however a dynamic reference is usually created (by your bank).

Will the payment look like it has come from our company or Sweep?

All payments will appear in your suppliers’ transaction history as normal, sent directly from your company account.

No mention of Sweep will appear on the transaction.

Can I use Sweep Pay for my payroll?

Payroll payments are currently in development and you will be able to pay your salaries with Sweep in the near future.

Why is there a £15k payment limit per transaction?

Due to compliance reasons, we have a £15,000 single payment limit in place.

Need this limit to be waived? No problem, all you have to do is share your KYC/KYB processes with us so that we can make sure they comply.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

What if more than 1 person needs to authorise payments?

Sweep currently allows up to two approvers.

All approvers will get an email notification and link where they can add their credentials and approve.

The payment will not be made until it has been authorised by all approvers.

Which currencies can Sweep Pay process?

Sweep Pay is capable of reading all currencies. However, the payment can only be made from a UK bank account and the conversion rate will be taken care of by your bank itself.

Can Sweep Pay recognise the payment due date on an invoice?

Yes, Sweep Pay can automatically read the payment due date on your invoices, and will send you a notification to remind you when to pay.

Making A Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Sweep Pay

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