Buckle up, sync in progress...

Sync all your pending payments from multiple sources as well as your accounting system. 

Choose how you pay.

Connect as many bank accounts to the platform as you require.

360 view: payment status & reconciliation.

Payment statuses will be automatically reconciled in your accounting system, keeping your books updated.

No more duplicate or missed payments.

Sweep Pay accounting integrations
Sweep Pay platform dashboard

Sweep Pay 

Wave goodbye to hours spent sending your supplier payments manually.

Sweep Pay syncs all of your pending supplier payments from your different tools, creates payment runs, schedules payments, and bulk pays your supplier invoices in just a few clicks.

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Sweep Pay payment integrations

Payment Integrations

Sweep Pay uses bank-level security* and is FCA approved.

For Single Payments:

Sweep Pay integrates with all UK banks.

For Bulk Payments:

  • Allied Irish Bank Business (ROI)

  • Barclays Business

  • Barclays Corporate

  • HSBC UK Business

  • Lloyds (Business)

  • Natwest Bank

  • Natwest Bankline

  • Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Royal Bank of Scotland Bankline

  • Santander UK Plc Business

  • Silicon Valley Bank

  • Virgin Money

  • Clydesdale Bank

  • Yorkshire Bank

See all UK banking integrations and limitations.

*Bank-level security means that your data is encrypted and protected using the same industry-leading technology that your bank uses.

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Accounting Integrations

Sweep Pay currently integrates with:


  • QuickBooks Desktop

  • QuickBooks Online

  • Sage 50 (UK)

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting

  • Xero

Sweep Pay accounting integrations

Entering the Bulk...

Pay multiple invoices at once, both domestic and international. 

Processing payments is as easy as 1-2-3-Pay.

Pay multiple invoices in one go with the bulk payment feature.

Simplified handling of supplier invoices.

No more stress at the end of the month to meet payment deadlines and handle payments individually.

Sweep Pay bulk payments

Scheduled for launch...

Easily schedule payments from the Sweep Pay platform.

Get ahead of the game.

Schedule your upcoming payments indefinitely into the future. Those end-of-the-months just got a whole lot better.

Arrive on time.

Sweep Pay lets you set up automated payments in advance so that everyone is paid on time. Goodbye late fees.

Sweep Pay is the payment automation software that syncs and bulk schedules your vendor payments for you, as well as reconciling them in your accounting system.
Control. Visibility. Flexibility.
Sweep Pay successful payment



Easily create payment runs and send them to the necessary collaborators for approval, internally or externally.

Stay on track.

Automated weekly reminders help you pay your vendor invoices at the right time, avoiding late payment fees, keeping suppliers happy.


2 weeks free trial included.

* 1 single payment = 1 transaction

  1 bulk payment = 1 transaction

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+ 10p per transaction*

No hidden fees.

* 1 single payment = 1 transaction

  1 bulk payment = 1 transaction


2 weeks free trial included.

One size fits all

£15/month + 10p per transaction*

No hidden fees.

Lightening speed payment processing,
accessible 24/7 via the cloud.
Anytime, anywhere.