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Launch your efficiency into orbit

MANAGING PAYROLL and making timely invoice payments can be complex, time-consuming, and costly. Seeing these processes to completion requires an investment of time and effort, all of which must be co-ordinated, monitored and recorded.

Sweep Pay reduces the complexity in making payments by automating manual processes and calculations, while also making it easier to view and share data between stakeholders.

It’s like a shrink ray for your accounting concerns.

Sweep Pay accounting integrations

Staying on top of bills & payroll needn’t be rocket science

A better and cost-effective way to pay clients, suppliers and staff has landed. Sweep Pay teleports payroll problems to the void and lasers invoice issues into atoms, thanks to its smart automations, systems integrations, and bulk payment tools.

Sweep Universe

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Not yet ready to schedule your personalised demo, but would like a little more information on how Sweep's accounts payable solution can be right for your business?

Get in touch and a dedicated member of our team will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Warp out of administrative chaos

MAKING SENSE of your payment processes can sometimes feel like blindly navigating an asteroid field.

Sweep Pay's powerful yet easy-to-use management tools can put you back at the helm, providing control over the life cycle of every payment.

SCHEDULE: Set when payments are to be made in advance, and create automated reminders to alert you of payment due dates.

OVERSEE: Create payment runs and communicate with everyone involved in the transaction through a centralised hub.

INTEGRATE: Never worry about compatibility issues again. Sweep Pay securely connects to and collates data from your accountancy platform, banking, and payments records, reducing scope for errors.

Sweep Pay banking integrations
Sweep Pay make a payment illustration

Make as many payments as stars in the sky

PAYING INVOICES individually becomes unmanageable if you have multiple payments to make or lots of payees to satisfy.

Sweep Pay’s bulk payment feature makes this easy. Select the bank account you wish to use, authorise the request, mark the invoices you want to settle, and choose to pay now or later. Mission accomplished.

And with our solution streamlining transactions between banks and across national borders, late payments are less likely — leaving you to feel over the moon.

Sweep Pay is the payment automation software that syncs and bulk schedules your vendor and payroll payments for you, as well as reconciling them in your accounting system.
Control. Visibility. Flexibility.
Sweep Pay payment success illustration

Vaporise reconciliation red alerts

WHEN YOUR BUSINESS reconciles its records, the pressure's on for the person performing the accounting.

Make a mistake, and time is lost verifying the calculations. If an erroneous record is created when an invoice is paid or received, they get the pleasure of wading through endless debits and credits.

With Sweep Pay, these frustrations are simple beamed off-world. Payments are automatically synced with your accountancy platform once every hour, saving you time, lowering stress levels, and bringing your mind back down to planet Earth.


2 weeks free trial included.

* 1 single payment = 1 transaction

  1 bulk payment = 1 transaction

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One size fits all


+ 10p per transaction*

No hidden fees.


For companies who process 10 payments per month or more.

7-day free trial included. No credit card required.

Lightening speed payment processing,
accessible 24/7 via the cloud.
Anytime, anywhere.

Sweep Pay is capable of reading all currencies. The payment must be made from a UK bank account and the conversion rate will be taken care of by your bank itself.

Which currencies can Sweep process?

Sweep Pay pulls only the approved, unpaid supplier invoices from your accounting software.


Once imported, you then select the invoices that you want to pay and ignore the ones you don't. Once the invoice is paid, it will automatically appear as “paid” in your accounting software. 


You can also mark bills paid outside of Sweep as “paid” within the platform and this will remove them from the “invoices awaiting payment” section, however their status in your accounting software will remain unchanged.

Which bills are pulled from my accounting software?

All payments will appear in your suppliers’ transaction history as normal, sent directly from your company account. No mention of Sweep will appear on the transaction.

Will the payment look like it has come from our company or Sweep?


The Answers You Need


FAREWELL MANUAL payroll entry. Sweep Pay can save you valuable time while guaranteeing your employees are paid correctly, and on schedule.



Manage your payroll at lightening speed: Upload your payroll in simple CSV format, choose how and when you want to pay, send for approval, done.


Gone are the days where payroll errors are made. Your payroll payments can now be scheduled in advance and thanks to powerful approval flows, any inaccuracies are shrink-rayed into nonexistence. 

For teams of all sizes.

Sweep Pay payroll illustration
Quotation mark

Really easy to use software, I now pay all of my supplier invoices within minutes rather than hours, which saves me a lot of time every month! My accountant particularly loves it.

Sweep Pay review

Olof Erlandsson

CEO Risondier

Sweep Pay uses bank-level security* and is FCA registered.

*Bank-level security means that your data is encrypted and protected using the same industry-leading technology that your bank uses.

Accounting Integrations


Sweep Pay accounting integrations

Banking Integrations


Sweep Pay banking integrations
Sweep Pay trustpilot review
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