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  • Complete Telleroo Review: Overview, Main features, Pros & Cons

    Telleroo Review In today’s world, businesses have many different options for streamlining their operations and automating manual processes. One of these is through automating payroll and client payments. When it comes to payment automation in the UK, Telleroo is one of the most popular platforms available. Is Telleroo worth it? In this complete Telleroo review, we’ll take a deep dive into the software. We’ll cover exactly what Telleroo does, what its main features are, what integrations are available, and explore some of the pros and cons of using this software. If you’re planning to invest in new financial management tools for your business, then you’ll want to follow this Telleroo review carefully. What Is Telleroo? Telleroo is a banking platform that allows you to automate payments and send instant bulk payments to employees and suppliers. The payroll software is designed to make it easier for UK-based businesses to make payments more efficient, accurate, and streamlined. Telleroo has been designed to integrate with business accounting processes. Accountants simply schedule any outgoing payments which are automatically paid through the platform. You can also use your Telleroo account to hold and receive funds directly. This works in three steps. Basically, you set up your Telleroo account and sync your payments from your accounting system. You then bulk schedule and approve these payments. Once approved, you top up your Telleroo account in order to make the payments, and the payments are sent automatically. You can then view your Telleroo bank feed, which automatically reflects all the transactions which have been paid. Main Features Of Telleroo Telleroo offers a straightforward payment automation solution. Here is a list of the main features of this platform. Automated Payments The central function of Telleroo is for businesses to automate payments to suppliers, employees, or anyone else. You just set up your payments on the platform, and don’t have to worry about copy-pasting payment information or updating bank details again. Sync Payments With Accounting Software A useful feature of the tool is that it allows you to sync up your payroll and supplier payment information directly from your accounting platform. You could also upload a payment file if you do not use Telleroo’s approved accounting software options. If a payment batch is rejected or a payment is cancelled in Telleroo, this will automatically update your accounting system. Payment Approvals Telleroo aims to reduce the “CEO approval bottleneck” in approving and making payments. So, instead, it lets you assign payment creators and approvers. This means any chosen team member can create, review, and approve payments. Merged Invoicing You can use Telleroo to merge multiple invoices from the same supplier so that you only have to send them a single bulk payment. Updates The platform automatically updates you if any new suppliers or employees are added to the system, or if any bank details are updated. This is helpful for avoiding payment errors or detecting fraud. Reconcile Payments It’s possible to reconcile entire pay runs on Telleroo with a single click. You can do this for payroll and supplier payments (individual salaries are hidden for payroll reconciliation). Other Features Other features include aspects like error and fraud validations, cash flow monitoring, and the option for flexible payment schedules. There is also a variety of settings that you can choose from. This is in terms of deciding what kind of authority you have to approve payments in your Telleroo account. And lastly, there are four different types of user roles available. Telleroo Review: Pros And Cons This payment automation tool comes with an array of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the main elements to consider. Pros Of Telleroo User-friendly platform with a simple interface A solid payment automation solution for businesses of all sizes API access is available Telleroo does exactly what it claims to do - automates and streamlines payments It offers adequate customer support through a variety of communication channels Cons Of Telleroo Telleroo does not offer additional tools beyond its core payment automation system Important payroll features are missing, such as tax filing and leave management No mobile app is available Limited integrations An expensive tool for only having one core function You cannot enable different approvers for different suppliers using the same Telleroo account Integrations One of the major advantages of using Telleroo is that it can automatically integrate with your existing accounting system. While this is useful, the platform is very limited in terms of the accounting integrations available. You can only integrate Telleroo with KeyPay, Staffology, and Xero Bills. If your business relies on a different accounting or payroll system, then using Telleroo as your solution may become tricky. Pricing Telleroo offers three different pricing plans. These are: Startup £35 per month. This allows for unlimited users and 50 payments per month. Growth £55 per month. This allows for unlimited users and 100 payments per month. Growth+ £120 per month. This allows for unlimited users and 250 payments per month. If you make more or fewer payments than your assigned plan, you will be automatically approved for the correct payment plan. This is a helpful feature when scaling your business. As a bonus, there are no setup fees. Telleroo Review: Summary Any Telleroo reviews you find will commend the platform on its user-friendly functionality and streamlined payment automation. This is certainly true, although Telleroo does also come with its limitations. As a payroll tool, many businesses would expect additional functions, like tax filing incorporated into the platform. And for the monthly fee, you might also expect additional financial management features, like automated expense management. The available integrations are also very limited. Telleroo is a useful tool that can save businesses time and effort while making payments a safer process. Just be aware that you will still require additional tools and subscriptions to use alongside Telleroo in order to manage your finances completely.

  • Payroll Software Features That Simplify Payroll Management

    Payroll management is a complex process, especially if you are in a small business. Payroll software simplifies it greatly by helping you keep track of employees' information and generate accurate pay-checks. However, payroll software has certain features that make the entire process simpler and more efficient. I'll be discussing some of the important payroll software features so that you can use these to achieve even better results. Automatic Tax Calculations A critical part of any payroll system features list is its automated tax calculation. This feature helps save you a lot of time and effort by computing all relevant taxes at once and generating the information for you. This help is crucial to meet tax filing deadlines and save yourself from paying up to 25% late tax filing penalties. When using payroll software, it automatically sums the taxes that need to be deducted from an employee's pay-check. This is a very important feature because you don't have to worry about making mistakes when estimating tax amounts. It also helps you track how much tax is deducted from each pay-check. You can set it up so that taxes are automatically figured for each employee. This saves you time and effort because you don't have to compute these manually. The software does all the computation for you, so you can focus on other important tasks. Employee Self-Service Portal Employee self-service portals are software features that allow employees to access their personal information in order to manage their own payroll accounts. With a self-service portal, employees can view and update their personal information, such as addresses and contact details. This portal is a web-based application that allows employees to manage their pay information, including their hours, earnings and benefits. They can also see how much they are paid each month, track their hours worked, and view any tax documents or reports related to the company's payroll system. Setting up an employee portal is a good idea if you have several employees who need access to this information. This way, they can check it themselves instead of waiting for you to do it. Tracking Time and Attendance So why use payroll software? Aside from automatically scheduling payroll payments, using payroll software helps you track employee time and attendance. This can be helpful if you have hourly employees or if you want to ensure that your workers are being productive during their shifts. The software will automatically calculate a person’s hours worked, as well as how many overtime hours they have accrued and how much they should be paid for those hours. Payroll software with a time and attendance feature can help you track how much time your employees are spending on different tasks, so that you can bill clients accordingly. Timesheet Management and Approval Many managers would agree that among all payroll software functions, they find time and attendance tracking as among the most vital. This feature allows you to track how much time your employees are spending on different tasks, so that you’ll know how they allocate time to perform their jobs. It also helps identify which employees are working the most hours so that they can be compensated appropriately. On the other hand, it also helps you determine whether your employees are working more than the amount of hours they’re supposed to work, which could result in overpayment. Leave Management and Approvals Like most HR software, payroll tools also include a section for leave management. This feature allows you to track when employees take vacation days as well as sick days and other types of time off. It also helps you manage how many hours your employees work each week so that they don’t exceed their allotted amount. Leave management and approvals are another feature that you should look for in payroll software. This allows you to track when employees take time off, as well as the number of days they have accrued. You can also see whether or not they’ve used all of their vacation days or sick leave and if so, how many there are left over. Direct Deposit Direct deposit is a convenient way to receive your pay-check, especially if you don’t want to wait for it in the mail. It allows you to have all of your pay-checks automatically deposited into your own bank account, saving you time and hassle. Just like how the top procurement software systems automate purchasing activities, direct deposit allows your employees to have their pay-check deposited directly into their bank account. This procurement feature helps save you time, because you don’t have to go through the process of issuing paper checks and mailing them out. You can also avoid any mistakes that might occur when you issue pay-checks manually in procurement management, such as missing a decimal point or typing in an incorrect amount. Payroll Runs and Reports Payroll runs are a feature that allows you to view and manage your payroll. You can run a payroll report that lists all of the hours worked by employees, their pay rates, taxes taken out and any deductions made from their pay-check. If a CRM tool helps businesses to be on top of their customer relationships, this feature helps you to be in control of your payroll, ensuring no mistakes are made when issuing pay-check to your employees. A payroll run is a process by which the software calculates the amount each employee should be paid and updates their information in your database. You can also set up recurring payroll runs, which will automatically generate pay-checks on a regular schedule. Just like the convenience of setting up recurring tasks in top CRM tools like the features discussed in CRM Creatio reviews and other similar posts, the same is true when doing your first payroll run using a reliable payroll platform. Using the right software makes managing payroll a breeze The right payroll software can make a difficult task much easier by automating payroll processing and deduction calculations. In order to find the right software for your company's payroll needs, familiarise yourself with the most important features of payroll software. With this information in hand, you will be able to sort through the available options and select a system to best suit your company's unique requirements.

  • Recent Achievements: The Rising Star in Payment Automation Software Award

    We are thrilled to announce that Sweep has received the Rising Star Award 2022 from FinancesOnline for Sweep Pay, our payment automation platform. Products that provide great service, user experience, and growth are given this award on an annual basis. The FinancesOnline team of experts assessed Sweep Pay's capacity to meet the current demands of the B2B and SaaS industries when deciding which payment automation software would win the Rising Star Award. In the case of Sweep Pay, this includes consideration of major features, plans, skill aptitude of staff, organisational size, etc. The Rising Star in Payment Automation Software Award is given to up-and-coming systems that, although still quite new, have gained solid popularity with their customers. Sweep Pay has an overall score of 8/10 and a user satisfaction rating of 95% on FinancesOnline. When comparing this to other payroll and payment automation services on FinancesOnline, the following factors come into play: Customer feedback Main features Collaboration features Ease of Use Integration Help and Support Security Sweep Pay is a newcomer in the payment processing space, and we’re proud to be recognised by organisations such as FinancesOnline as we help businesses grow with automation. To learn more about how Sweep Pay supports businesses, visit our website. About Finances Online FinancesOnline is the fastest growing independent review platform for B2B, SaaS and financial solutions. Their aim is to help business owners find the best solution or product to fit their needs and to provide vendors with an effective way to find potential clients.

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  • Sweep | Pay

    Launch your efficiency into orbit MANAGING PAYROLL and making timely invoice payments can be complex, time-consuming, and costly. Seeing these processes to completion requires an investment of time and effort, all of which must be co-ordinated, monitored and recorded. ​ Sweep Pay reduces the complexity in making payments by automating manual processes and calculations, while also making it easier to view and share data between stakeholders. It’s like a shrink ray for your accounting concerns. Staying on top of bills & payroll needn’t be rocket science A better and cost-effective way to pay clients, suppliers and staff has landed. Sweep Pay teleports payroll problems to the void and lasers invoice issues into atoms, thanks to its smart automations, systems integrations, and bulk payment tools. Try it now Schedule a demo Schedule a demo Pricing Book A Demo Not yet ready to schedule your personalised demo, but would like a little more information on how Sweep's accounts payable solution can be right for your business? ​ Get in touch and a dedicated member of our team will be happy to answer all of your questions. Get in touch Warp out of administrative chaos MAKING SENSE of your payment processes can sometimes feel like blindly navigating an asteroid field. Sweep Pay's powerful yet easy-to-use management tools can put you back at the helm, providing control over the life cycle of every payment. SCHEDULE: Set when payments are to be made in advance, and create automated reminders to alert you of payment due dates. OVERSEE: Create payment runs and communicate with everyone involved in the transaction through a centralised hub. INTEGRATE: Never worry about compatibility issues again. Sweep Pay securely connects to and collates data from your accountancy platform, banking, and payments records, reducing scope for errors. Make as many payments as stars in the sky PAYING INVOICES individually becomes unmanageable if you have multiple payments to make or lots of payees to satisfy. ​ Sweep Pay’s bulk payment feature makes this easy. Select the bank account you wish to use, authorise the request, mark the invoices you want to settle, and choose to pay now or later. Mission accomplished. ​ And with our solution streamlining transactions between banks and across national borders, late payments are less likely — leaving you to feel over the moon. Sweep Pay is the payment automation software that syncs and bulk schedules your vendor and payroll payments for you, as well as reconciling them in your accounting system. ​ Control. Visibility. Flexibility. Vaporise reconciliation red alerts WHEN YOUR BUSINESS reconciles its records, the pressure's on for the person performing the accounting. ​ Make a mistake, and time is lost verifying the calculations. If an erroneous record is created when an invoice is paid or received, they get the pleasure of wading through endless debits and credits. ​ With Sweep Pay, these frustrations are simple beamed off-world. Payments are automatically synced with your accountancy platform once every hour, saving you time, lowering stress levels, and bringing your mind back down to planet Earth. Pricing 2 weeks free trial included. ​ * 1 single payment = 1 transaction 1 bulk payment = 1 transaction Book Your Demo Now One size fits all ​ £15/month + 10p per transaction* ​ No hidden fees. Pricing For companies who process 10 payments per month or more. 7-day free trial included. No credit card required. Start free trial One size fits all ​ £35/month ​ See all UK banking inte grations and limitations. Or book a demo below. Lightening speed payment processing, accessible 24/7 via the cloud. ​ Anytime, anywhere. Sweep Pay is capable of reading all currencies. The payment must be made from a UK bank account and the conversion rate will be taken care of by your bank itself. Which currencies can Sweep process? Sweep Pay pulls only the approved, unpaid supplier invoices from your accounting software. Once imported, you then select the invoices that you want to pay and ignore the ones you don't. Once the invoice is paid, it will automatically appear as “paid” in your accounting software. You can also mark bills paid outside of Sweep as “paid” within the platform and this will remove them from the “invoices awaiting payment” section, however their status in your accounting software will remain unchanged. Which bills are pulled from my accounting software? All payments will appear in your suppliers’ transaction history as normal, sent directly from your company account. No mention of Sweep will appear on the transaction. Will the payment look like it has come from our company or Sweep? FAQs The Answers You Need View all FAQs View all FAQs Payroll FAREWELL MANUAL payroll entry. Sweep Pay can save you valuable time while guaranteeing your employees are paid correctly, and on schedule. EASY PROCESSING Manage your payroll at lightening speed: Upload your payroll in simple CSV format, choose how and when you want to pay, send for approval, done. ​ SCHEDULE YOUR PAY TO AVOID DELAY Gone are the days where payroll errors are made. Your payroll payments can now be scheduled in advance and thanks to powerful approval flows, any inaccuracies are shrink-rayed into nonexistence. ​ For teams of all sizes. Homepage Quotation mark Really easy to use software, I now pay all of my supplier invoices within minutes rather than hours, which saves me a lot of time every month! My accountant particularly loves it. Olof Erlandsson CEO Risondier Sweep Pay uses bank-level security* and is FCA registered. *Bank-level security means that your data is encrypted and protected using the same industry-leading technology that your bank uses. Accounting Integrations SWEEP PAY CURRENTLY INTEGRATES WITH A VARIETY OF SOFTWARE. See all accounting integrations Banking Integrations SWEEP PAY INTEGRATES WITH MAJOR UK BANKS. See all UK banking integrations See our reviews on We're winners of the Rising Star Award

  • Sweep | Contact Us

    Get in touch We're always pleased to hear from you and about your needs in financial process automation, just leave your details and we will be in touch. ​ Alternatively you can send us an email at: hello@getsweep.io Submit Thanks for submitting! Reason for contact arrow&v Get in touch We're always pleased to hear from you and about your needs in financial process automation, just leave your details and we will be in touch. ​ Alternatively you can send us an email at: hello@getsweep.io Submit Thanks for submitting! Choose an option arrow&v Homepage

  • Sweep | Financial Automation for SMEs

    Sweep are the experts in financial automation for SMEs, empowering finance teams with smart technology. ​ Welcome to Planet Sweep. One Giant Leap For Finance Teams. Find out more Sweep Statistics £1.5m Has been raised to date through investors and grants. 15k Invoices are processed per month £750k+ In payments processed per month Sweep Pay Wave goodbye to hours spent sending payments manually. ​ Sweep Pay syncs all of your pending supplier payments from your different tools, creates payment runs, schedules payments, and bulk pays in just a few clicks. Book a demo Find out more Accounts Payable The easy and fast invoice-to-pay solution that simplifies our AP process through automation, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Book a demo Find out more Our Integrations The right technology mix can help your organisation surpass its competition. That's why Sweep offers a multitude of accounting and payment integrations, streamlining your workflows and ultimately saving you both time, and money. Find out more Sweep in the media Quote mark Quote mark Olof Erlandsson CEO Risondier I’ve been using both Sweep Expenses and the new Sweep Pay platforms and both of these have saved me so much time! The interface is very easy to use and the payment feature is definitely a great tool and my accountant particularly loves it. Our Solutions Sweep Expenses The world’s first expense management tool built on the Open Banking Framework. ​ Accessible via platform and app, Sweep Expenses is capable of tracking and categorising transactions in real-time, automating the entire process from receipt to refund. Book a demo Find out more Benjamin Elliott 22 hours ago 1 min Recent Achievements: The Rising Star in Payment Automation Software Award We are thrilled to announce that Sweep has received the Rising Star Award 2022 from FinancesOnline for Sweep Pay. 4 0 Post not marked as liked Benjamin Elliott Sep 26 1 min How to upload payslips How to upload payslips on the Sweep Pay platform. 12 0 Post not marked as liked Benjamin Elliott Sep 26 1 min Set up 2FA authentification Set up 2FA authentification on the Sweep Pay platform. 6 0 Post not marked as liked 1/15 Latest Blog Posts

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