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Rebranding Announcement: Sweep Has A New Look

Welcome to Planet Sweep: the future of financial automation for SMEs.

Why has Sweep Rebranded?

This year we're is turning 5. That’s a big milestone; Sweep is growing up! As with all 5 year olds, they can’t be wearing the same clothes forever: they outgrow them. Hence, we’ve been working hard over the last few months to redesign Sweep’s branding so that it better reflects your needs, and to better communicate what our products do for you and other finance teams.

Let’s dive in!

Introducing Our New Brand

Harmony, maturity, future, authority. These are the keywords on our storyboard that inspired our new branding, as well as our new direction.

Our long term goal? To become the leader in financial automation for SMEs, making smart technology available to businesses of all sizes.

Sweep’s new social media template

What Brand Elements Have Changed For Sweep?

The following branding elements have changed:

  • The colours

  • The fonts

  • The illustration style

  • The tone of voice

This has had an effect on the website, all platforms and apps, as well as all of our external communication channels (social media, newsletter, blog, …).

These updates have allowed us to create a stronger identity and to optimise our products for your success.

Why The Colour Change?

Colour provides a strong visual link to our brand identity across a wide range of applications. The consistent representation of these core colours helps reinforce the distinctiveness of the Sweep brand; we’re playing on the idea of space travel, i.e. the future (of finance automation), so we opted for a dark blue to represent the night sky as our main corporate colour. You'll notice this across all our collateral.

Then come the accent colours, inspired by astronomical events, that add a little playfulness; who says financial automation can’t be fun?

Illustration style

The platform

Sweep Accounts Payable new Dashboard

Sweep Pay’s new dashboard

The Website

Sweep’s old website

Sweep’s new website

What’s Next for the Sweep Rebrand?

The visual identity introduced today is a foundation that better communicates what our products do: Sweep makes use of the most modern, cutting edge technology to make finance teams’ lives easier, ultimately saving departments both time and money, and making everyone's jobs that bit more enjoyable.

Moving forward, we will rebrand all our existing assets, including elements of the product itself. And of course, we will build any new asset using the new brand identity.

Let us know your thoughts on LinkedIn!

Join us on our way to the future and discover our latest product: Sweep Pay.

Sweep Pay syncs all of your business’s pending supplier payments from your different accounting tools, creates payment runs, schedules payments, and bulk pays in just a few clicks, delivering intelligent, automated reconciliation to your business’s payment process.

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