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New Features Announcement: Sweep Pay

Your payments process just got a whole lot more efficient.

Sweep Pay updated dashboard

We’ve just rolled out a ton of new features on Sweep Pay, making it even easier to tackle those pending payments and save time when closing out those month-ends.

Speaking of saving time, let’s jump straight in:

Feature N°1: Sort by columns

You and I, we don’t always have time to sift through lengthy pending payments lists when they begin to build, and if we’re not paying attention, it can be all too easy to skip past the information that we need in the mish-mash of letters and digits on the page.

Well, this pain exists no more. It is now possible to sort payments by supplier, reference, issue and due dates, and totals. Simply click on the arrow that appears next to each heading, and rearrange the list accordingly to your needs. Order is restored.

Sweep Pay sort by columns feature

Feature N°2: Read notes

Sweep considers your accounting platform as the single source of truth.

This means that, as a security measure, you are not able to modify information relating to the supplier invoice via Sweep; dispute notes and information changes would need to be made via your accounting software directly.

In this new update, Sweep Pay is now capable of pulling any comments made on the invoice in your accounting software, making them directly visible on the platform.

No more tedious switching between tabs!

Hover your mouse over the label icon and the notes will show automatically.

Sweep Pay keep notes feature

Feature N°3: Overdue icon

Keeping track of the statuses of all of your payments can be a tricky job, so this new feature tackles just that.

Not only will you and your team receive reminder emails and notifications with a resumé of all payments due for the coming week, but also an “overdue” alert icon will now appear next to each payment that has passed its due date.

Whether it’s to suppliers or employees, making payments on time is vital to keeping those relationships smooth.

Sweep Pay overdue feature

Feature N°4: Add multiple accounting integrations

Switching between accounting systems to find the information you need can sometimes be a tedious task.

Not anymore.

Seamless integration with multiple accounting systems means that all your pending payments are now centralised in one place: your Sweep Pay dashboard.

Sweep Pay pulls only the approved, unpaid supplier invoices from your accounting software, reconciling them automatically once the payment is made.

Those month-ends are about to get a whole lot simpler.

Sweep Pay multiple accounting integrations feature

New colours

This year we're is turning 5. That’s a big milestone; Sweep is growing up! As with all 5 year olds, they can’t be wearing the same clothes forever: they outgrow them. Hence, we’ve been working hard over the last few months to redesign Sweep’s branding so that it better reflects your needs, and to better communicate what our products do for you and other finance teams.

Read more about our recent rebrand, and what it means for the future of Sweep.

Sweep Pay

Sweep Pay syncs all of your business’s pending supplier payments from your different accounting tools, creates payment runs, schedules payments, and bulk pays in just a few clicks, delivering intelligent, automated reconciliation to your business’s payment process.

Join us on our way to the future and discover Sweep Pay. 14-day trial available, no credit card required.

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