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Complete Telleroo Review: Overview, Main features, Pros & Cons

Telleroo Review

In today’s world, businesses have many different options for streamlining their operations and automating manual processes. One of these is through automating payroll and client payments.

When it comes to payment automation in the UK, Telleroo is one of the most popular platforms available.

Is Telleroo worth it?

In this complete Telleroo review, we’ll take a deep dive into the software. We’ll cover exactly what Telleroo does, what its main features are, what integrations are available, and explore some of the pros and cons of using this software.

If you’re planning to invest in new financial management tools for your business, then you’ll want to follow this Telleroo review carefully.

What Is Telleroo?

Telleroo is a banking platform that allows you to automate payments and send instant bulk payments to employees and suppliers.

The payroll software is designed to make it easier for UK-based businesses to make payments more efficient, accurate, and streamlined.

Telleroo has been designed to integrate with business accounting processes. Accountants simply schedule any outgoing payments which are automatically paid through the platform.

You can also use your Telleroo account to hold and receive funds directly.

This works in three steps. Basically, you set up your Telleroo account and sync your payments from your accounting system. You then bulk schedule and approve these payments. Once approved, you top up your Telleroo account in order to make the payments, and the payments are sent automatically.

You can then view your Telleroo bank feed, which automatically reflects all the transactions which have been paid.

Main Features Of Telleroo

Telleroo offers a straightforward payment automation solution. Here is a list of the main features of this platform.

Automated Payments

The central function of Telleroo is for businesses to automate payments to suppliers, employees, or anyone else. You just set up your payments on the platform, and don’t have to worry about copy-pasting payment information or updating bank details again.

Sync Payments With Accounting Software

A useful feature of the tool is that it allows you to sync up your payroll and supplier payment information directly from your accounting platform. You could also upload a payment file if you do not use Telleroo’s approved accounting software options.

If a payment batch is rejected or a payment is cancelled in Telleroo, this will automatically update your accounting system.

Payment Approvals

Telleroo aims to reduce the “CEO approval bottleneck” in approving and making payments. So, instead, it lets you assign payment creators and approvers. This means any chosen team member can create, review, and approve payments.

Merged Invoicing

You can use Telleroo to merge multiple invoices from the same supplier so that you only have to send them a single bulk payment.


The platform automatically updates you if any new suppliers or employees are added to the system, or if any bank details are updated. This is helpful for avoiding payment errors or detecting fraud.

Reconcile Payments

It’s possible to reconcile entire pay runs on Telleroo with a single click. You can do this for payroll and supplier payments (individual salaries are hidden for payroll reconciliation).

Other Features

Other features include aspects like error and fraud validations, cash flow monitoring, and the option for flexible payment schedules.

There is also a variety of settings that you can choose from. This is in terms of deciding what kind of authority you have to approve payments in your Telleroo account. And lastly, there are four different types of user roles available.

Telleroo Review: Pros And Cons

This payment automation tool comes with an array of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the main elements to consider.

Pros Of Telleroo

  • User-friendly platform with a simple interface

  • A solid payment automation solution for businesses of all sizes

  • API access is available

  • Telleroo does exactly what it claims to do - automates and streamlines payments

  • It offers adequate customer support through a variety of communication channels

Cons Of Telleroo

  • Telleroo does not offer additional tools beyond its core payment automation system

  • Important payroll features are missing, such as tax filing and leave management

  • No mobile app is available

  • Limited integrations

  • An expensive tool for only having one core function

  • You cannot enable different approvers for different suppliers using the same Telleroo account


One of the major advantages of using Telleroo is that it can automatically integrate with your existing accounting system.

While this is useful, the platform is very limited in terms of the accounting integrations available. You can only integrate Telleroo with KeyPay, Staffology, and Xero Bills.

If your business relies on a different accounting or payroll system, then using Telleroo as your solution may become tricky.


Telleroo offers three different pricing plans. These are:


£35 per month. This allows for unlimited users and 50 payments per month.


£55 per month. This allows for unlimited users and 100 payments per month.


£120 per month. This allows for unlimited users and 250 payments per month.

If you make more or fewer payments than your assigned plan, you will be automatically approved for the correct payment plan.

This is a helpful feature when scaling your business. As a bonus, there are no setup fees.

Telleroo Review: Summary

Any Telleroo reviews you find will commend the platform on its user-friendly functionality and streamlined payment automation. This is certainly true, although Telleroo does also come with its limitations.

As a payroll tool, many businesses would expect additional functions, like tax filing incorporated into the platform. And for the monthly fee, you might also expect additional financial management features, like automated expense management. The available integrations are also very limited.

Telleroo is a useful tool that can save businesses time and effort while making payments a safer process. Just be aware that you will still require additional tools and subscriptions to use alongside Telleroo in order to manage your finances completely.

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