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How do I upload invoices to Sweep?

Invoices can be uploaded directly from your computer, or forwarded via email.

What kind of files can I upload to Sweep?

You can upload your invoices in either PDF, JPEG, or PNG format.

Can handwritten invoices be processed by Sweep?

No, currently handwritten invoices cannot be treated by Sweep.

Can I import in bulk?

Yes, you can import in bulk. There is no limit to the number of invoices imported at the same time.

Invoice Upload

How is the data extracted from uploaded invoices?

Sweep uses artificial intelligence, OCR, and machine learning to extract the data.

How is the system trained to read my invoices?

Upon onboarding, Sweep is trained with 5 invoices per supplier so that the system can automatically recognise the format of your invoices.

Can Sweep compare invoices against their corresponding purchase orders?

Yes. Sweep will automatically detect PO numbers on your invoices and pull forward the matching Purchase Order in your accounting system.

Can Sweep detect errors?

Yes. Sweep's artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are programmed to validate positions and totals, to correct errors and to report anomalies if things don’t match up.

How long does it take to extract the data from an invoice?

Data extraction can take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute, per invoice, depending on the complexity.

Which languages can Sweep understand on invoices?

Sweep is language agnostic as it relies on design detection. With the correct training of the system, it is capable of reading all languages.

Can Sweep recognise line items?

Yes, Sweep can automatically recognise and classify complex and rich information such as supplier details, line items, bank details, and more.

Which currencies are recognised?


Can Sweep read multi-page invoices?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of pages per invoice.

Data Extraction

How do Sweep’s validation workflows work?

Sweep's AP validation workflow can be organised into 5 categories that match the 5 key elements of your accounts payable process: invoice upload, invoice review, invoice approval, invoices to submit to your accounting software, and invoices to pay.

Who can access the validation workflow?

Each team member has the ability to provide approvals based on their permissions, and will only be able to access the stages that they have the correct permissions for:




How do I know where in the workflow each invoice is?

The status of each invoice can be seen at a glance on Sweep's dashboard, and an email notification will be sent when a change is made.


Can Sweep integrate with my accounting software?

Yes. Sweep currently integrates with:

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop


Sage 50 (UK)

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Exact Online (UK)


Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Zoho Books



Can I pay my supplier invoices through Sweep?

Yes. Sweep integrates with 98% of UK banks, and you can initiate payments in a few simple clicks.

Can Sweep recognise the payment due date on an invoice?

Yes, Sweep can automatically read the payment due date on your invoices, and will send you a notification to remind you when to pay.

Can Sweep manage expenses / expense reports?

Yes, via Sweep's Expense Management app and platform.


Does it cost to add more users to my subscription?

No. All subscriptions are based on volume and not seats, giving you great flexibility and allowing you to grow at the pace of your business. You can add as many users as your business needs at no extra cost.

Can I request a free trial?

All pricing plans come with a free 14 day trial.

Is there any coding involved in the setup?

No, there is no coding required. You can access Sweep's 24/7 cloud-based accounts payable platform from any device, so you have the flexibility you need, wherever you are.

What is the cost of the implementation?

There are no setup fees, everything is included in the monthly subscription price.

Are there any hidden fees (maintenance, technical support…) ?

None. Nada. Zilch. Everything is included in the monthly subscription price, including set up and onboarding costs. No extra or hidden fees. Ever.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, with no hidden fees.


Frequently Asked Questions

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